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How time management can be taught to students using graphic organizers

Students can have the benefit of having the proper time management with the use of graphic organizers. These graphic organizers are efficient learning tools because they allow students to envision and sort out information. When students tasks are made easy, they can therefore budget their time to other activities. Many schoolteachers are finding graphic organizers helpful in motivating and organizing thinking of primary and secondary age children.

Teachers use the structure of graphic organizers as a cognitive approach to visually demonstrate to students how ideas and information in a specific problem, passage, text or unit of study are related and organized. Graphic organizers help keep students on track and make their thought process precise. There are ways in which graphic organizers can be used. Some of them are are: webbing, concept mapping, matrix, flow chart, and Venn diagram. Graphic organizers can be used to illustrate describing, comparing and contrasting, classifying, sequencing, causal relationship and decision-making. But one of the more effective uses of graphic organizers is in the classroom.

That is, helping students get on with their studies without the usual laziness and stubbornness that is known of them. One of the most effective ways is when teachers create the graphic organizer themselves. They will then give it to the students with specified instructions of how to look for materials to complete it. Not to be ignored, underachiever students are assisted by teachers using graphic organizers. They give them partially completed organizers. All the students have to do is finish them. Graphic organizers are designed to help each student reach their full to the extent.

This is together with learning their academics and managing their time from what is needed of them. Using these things, they are disciplined and taught to make use of their time well and submit what they have done on time. For example, early childhood teachers use Venn Diagrams to instruct comparing and contrasting objects.

Adult workers also utilize this in their job. Engineers use complex organizers to build up new development and simulations. How do teachers go about educating students with the use of graphic organizers? Since teachers want to instill time management in their students, they would want to try and cover one chapter in the shortest amount of time. To be able to accomplish this, classes can be divided into groups of three or four. Each student in the group is assigned a part of the chapter to read. It is also best that teachers provide students with an instruction material that is divided in three or four sections. This way, students will know where they will focus on. After reading their assigned sections, students are then required to create a graphic organizer that will best describe their assigned text. When this is completed, they are enticed to use it to teach what they have learned to the other students in their group.

This concept works quite well with social studies or survey classes wherein there are bulks of information for a certain topic contained in a single book. Just think the amount of time needed to read through all that information just to find what your topic is about. A lot of time wasted which could have been spent on other things. Time management is not the only thing being taught to students using graphic organizers. They are also taught to come up with creative ideas that will make the learning process easier. As early as elementary, students already have an idea on things they can do with their graphic organizers. Coming up with different names are one of them. This is one of the freedom they get from this kind of activity. According to experts on students and time management, the creativity with which graphic organizers are created is one way of developing the students insight and ability to come up with plans, solutions and conclusions that work. As of today, not many schools are using these graphic organizers in teaching their students. But for those who have tried and used them, they can attest that these things can work quite effectively. Students have been known to enjoy learning their tasks. They are even more enthusiastic and ready to take in whatever their teachers have assigned to them.


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