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Time Management of Adult Students:

Preparing for College You are already an adult. You have a family, a decent job, and a home of your own. However, you want to finish your college education. You have enough money for it and your wife is supporting you to continue your education. It might be for unfinished college courses or for a degree. Anyhow, the biggest problem you will encounter is time, it may seem like there is not enough time to do everything at once. Juggling work hours and family time is stressful enough, adding school is unimaginable. The first thing you have to do is choose a university or college that is near your home.

You need easy access to work, home and school for this to work. Ask your boss that you will be attending school and that you need time adjustment for your shifts. Going to college when you already have a decent work and family to take care of can be very hard.

What you need to do is time management.

You need to work, take care of your family and go to school on time. It will take you many adjustments to be familiar with the routine of working and taking care of your family once you have entered college. Before entering college, learn how you spend your time on a daily basis. List down the number of hours for each activity you do at work, home and your personal leisure activity. Here are some examples of what you should list down:

At Work Total number of hours each day

Driving time to work and going home Time spent working at home

Other activities such as breaks

Leisure Activities Number of hours spent

watching TV or Movies Reading Socializing Hobbies

Outdoor activities

Your Everyday Life


Personal Grooming


Attending your childrens activities Cooking Shopping Home maintenance Find out what you need time on and keep them then find out what are time wasters and scratch them off the list.

All people waste time, you spend too much on TV, playing computer games taking care of the garden, or just napping. If you are planning to go to college, spending too much time on these activities will just spell failure. Learn to sacrifice a little of your leisure activities. Instead of watching TV or reading fiction novels, it is better to use these time wasters for studying. You have to make room for your college education.

Try to determine which of these activities are time wasters and scratch them off the list. Learn to do two things at once. If it is possible to do this then do it. Remember 15 minutes time is already valuable since you will be entering college education. It is important that you save much time as possible. Instead of making two trips to do two things, try to do one trip and accomplish the two things you needed done. You can ask your wife or husband to take care of the little things like doing the laundry or washing the dishes. Remember that time is important and since you are entering college, it is important that both of you as a parent should support each other. Small things, which are not too essential for your home, now can be scratched off your list or priorities, like tending your lawn or polishing your car. You can use these extra times to study. Effectively organize your activities by buying an organizer or scheduler. A written form of schedules is very effective in time management.

List down things to do and priorities, by doing this you will not easily forget what you need to do. You can buy an organizer in office supplies store and will have different varieties. You can also buy the electronic version to organize more effectively that the manual version. The key to success as an adult college student is to write or store everything down in your organizer. You have to take everything down from class schedules, library research, exams, due dates for essays or projects, class meeting, work schedules, family time and more. As an adult student, time management is one of the most important skills you have to master. Mixing school or study in your already busy life is very challenging but can work. All you need is a little patience and time. It is just a matter of how you plan your life as an adult student.


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