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Appropriate Time Management for Student Athletes In every game each second is very important. Anything can happen. A team can win or lose a crucial match within a matter of a few ticks of the clock. Just as well as for a student athlete, time is very critical. Each day should be productive. Being a student athlete is difficult. Their mind is divided into several goals. Their attention is also separated by other conditions like practice, championship games, curricular activities, examination date, and maintaining a good GPA (General Periodical Average).

Learning time management can help the student athletes to become more efficient. Practices, classes, games must have an allocated time. For most of the student athletes, time commitment must be viewed on different aspects. Student athletes should know and realize that they have extra responsibilities. The student athletes should excel not only in sports but in their course programs as well. The academic progression is being monitored by the school administration and counselors. So, if the students fail to maintain their GPA, the school will automatically remove them from the team. Setting goals and managing time can help the student athletes in adjusting their time and schedule. It can also increase the level of self-esteem. To further discuss about time management for athletes. Here are some of the important insights that will give idea about the significance of time management. The athletes must divide its time properly to maintain their progress academic report. The academic report is a very important basis. By having a falling grade on the academic report the coach can recommend the student for further evaluation. Time management can also assist athlete students on how to have a solution about poor attendance. Poor attendance can affect the status of the students academic level. As a tool, time management can boost up the intensity of the students in academic excellence. There are several schools and universities that have specialized curriculum to help student athletes. In normal ways, the school have different program in order to encourage athletes to develop their talent. Even though the student athletes are very busy, the school should assist them in managing their school hours and goal setting. For example, there are some universities that offer a peer student athlete-tutoring program. The selected co-athletes balance their time to become mentors of other athletes. Aside from that, in the United States, student athletes have a typical form of time management record. The school administration keeps a continuous observation about their academic and athletic environment and schedule. If the student needs assistance, the school can give an academic trainer. Issues on time management is not an easy immediate repair or a one minute solution. The student must undergo a long intense procedure. The proper skill and techniques must change a student athletes life for the better. Here are some basic ways on how to balance the time of the athlete students. Where does all the time go? The student athletes should monitor the time properly. There should be enough time for practice, classes and games. Picture out goal and life objectives. As an athlete and a student as well, the individual should know what he really want in life. Is it to become a professional player, or the other way around? By asking this question the student will know what particular field he will concentrate on. Make use of the word no. The student should have the ability to be more responsible. If the coach wants them to practice on Saturday and an exam was also scheduled the same day, he must make his own prerogatives. The learning process of time management As a student athlete, one of the major responsibilities is to recognize the strength and weaknesses of goal setting. Having enough of motivation techniques and skills can accomplish those set of goals. Here are some essential directions in order to improve goal establishment and time motivation. The very first thing that a student should do is to analyze the time control style. Time must be spent wisely. The athlete must discover some skills in achieving their goals. Learn the basic time development issues. The student must know how to practice motivation. Aside from that, managing stress and conflict can also increase development strategy. Decision making is very important in learning the methods of time management. Through decision making, the student can evaluate strategy and essential setting standards. A student should know the proper way of time management. Successful time management does not mean that every minute must be monitored. It only means one thing, use time wisely.


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