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Effective Time Management for Nursing Students

Denise is a senior nursing student from a certain medical school in Illinois. After almost four years of nursing study, at first glance you can say that she surpassed everything, from accomplishing all the requirements of her academic subjects up to practical affiliations in the hospital. You will say that she is now ready to face the real world of nursing other peoples health. Just like other baccalaureate degree students, nursing students also find similar problems especially when it comes to time management.

They are also having difficulty in studying for their examination; moreover, they also tend to cram up during their on-duty training at the hospital. Although our country produces a large population of nursing graduates it does not suffice to the large number of nursing workforce required.

Nursing Shortage As previously mentioned, time management problems tends other nursing students to shift to other baccalaureate degree courses. They cannot cope with the time pressure in their studies. As a result, there is nursing shortage in the country. Although several demographic factors affect the nursing population, nursing students are still the bottom linethey are the future nurses. The lesser the population of a certain country, the lesser the need for nursing work force is in that country. According to the National Student Nurses Association, there are different keys that a nursing student must have in order to succeed in their profession.

They must have The academic ability to pass all the required subjects; Deep sense of responsibility to their chosen profession; Acceptance and caring; Eagerness to learn; Enough confidence and determination to pursue their nursing career; and Proper time management skills Maybe it is the last key, but it is a top priority among nursing students and must include it in their studies. That is why college counselors and nursing faculties formulate time management strategies to help their nursing studentsboth regular and the distant learnerscope up with the possible pressures of nursing study. Professional Nursing Program All students taking up nursing degree courses undergoes professional nursing program. It includes extensive clinical practice component that demands more energy and time from students. One important thing that time counselors remind to their students is to undertake a work schedule that will not jeopardize the completion of the program. Stick to the schedule they have formulated.

If an unavoidable circumstance comes within their schedule, it is better that they can make it up to avoid further delay on other activities. Effective Time Management Skills What are the skills that you, as a nursing student needs in order to complete your professional nursing program and at the same time being successful in your chosen career? Look on the following items: Be organized. o Organize your activities according to your priorities. Use timesaving tools to keep track of your activities. Time calendars, appointment notes and file folders are some of the timesaving tools you can utilized. o An organized workplace will also help in using your time efficiently. Plan Ahead: Make a Realistic Schedule o Early in the semester, study and clinical duty schedules are already planned by your college administrators.

It will be your basis on planning your other activities. Making a realistic schedule will help you to complete the necessary programs without bumping into other activities as well. Avoid Overloading. o Nursing is a serious degree course. You also need to have a break in the midst of your school activities. You can include breaks of at least 10 to 15 minutes. Unwind yourself occasionally. Practice Effective Study Techniques o It is better to be prepared rather than to lose in a fight. Consider your nursing classes as a battle: have your complete battle arsenal by being prepared on unannounced examinations and recitals. Develop your study habits especially before sleeping. Always be Flexible. o Expect the unexpected. In case you are sick, (especially on those times that you need to be on duty in the hospital), you must know how to rearrange your schedules according to necessity. It is difficult to be a nursing student. With the keys of success and proper time management skills and strategies, you cannot regret the decision of taking a nursing college degree.


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