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Fess Up! Ideal Time Management Habits for College Students

Perhaps, there is no one else busier than the people who make up the academic community. No, of course not the teachers, but their college students. Among the many member of academic community in a certain University or community college, there is no doubting the fact that college students of the past years and decades differ are not anymore the young, single, white, middle-class males with presumably nothing more to do than attend classes and hobnob with others.

Today, there is a wide diversity of students concerning age, sex, racial orientation, ethnicity and academic exclusivity. And are they such busy people! Most college students now have their own homes or apartments to maintain. A majority of them are also working either a full-time or a part-time job. There are those who already have children to take care of. In such teeming diversity of academic community, it is but important for University and colleges to stress out the need for time management skills. Time management is a necessity for every student down to the last busy one. Each student, of course, has his or her own situation. Learning time management skills will assist them into making up a time management system or method that is effective exclusively for their particular situation.

Applying time management in every aspect of a college student life as he/she goes through it is quite crucial for success. Many college students already learned the hard lesson that failure to manage their time well, lead to negative outcome. Here are basic principles in time management proven effective through time: - Avoid and fight rampant procrastination. Each of us has their own procrastination habits. Only by identifying them and admitting that you succumb to procrastination is the way to break them. - A time management calendar is needed where you must write all-important dates from birthdays and other social events to more important, never-should-be-forgotten classroom schedules. - Set deadlines that you can achieve realistically. - Identify your most productive time of day where your level of energy is high. Once identified, set out to develop study habits. - Of course, you must not let your priorities go awry.

Every minute is precious for a college student. By knowing what your priority goals and activities are, you can have balance enough time for everything you have to do. - No one learned without committing a mistake. - From time to time, learn to say No to family and friends - Remember that you are not that perfect and learn to live with that fact, so as to avoid becoming a perfectionist - Always find time for rest and relaxation. This will allow you to unwind and free yourself from stress and pressure. Here are some more time management tips for the college student: 1. Just like any other large projects, large homework or assignments should be broken down into manageable size. Instead of only, you will have smaller ones, but to be finished at different schedules in manageable intervals. 2. Even if you are on campus, during intervals between classes, and precious few hours of break time, devour your lecture notes and books. Studying on campus is certainly a good habit to develop, especially since you are left with little time to study once you are in your job or attending to your kids/other commitments. 3. Reward yourself for coming up with efficient and effective time management methods as you mature in college 4. Sleep is important for everyone. Do not deprive yourself from a well deserved sleep. Do not think that you waste precious time sleeping. You are wasting precious time when you still stick to work even when it is your bedtime. 5. Once you feel pressure and stress closing in around you, sought the advice, administrators, or faculty you trust.

A word of advice or a refreshing thought can be just the thing to lift back your spirits Busy persons must always take time to properly schedule their time in order to maximize each precious minute as best as possible. College students must also know how to effectively schedule their time. Working out an applicable schedule is quite a challenge. Just make sure that you do not have conflicting activities everyday. Take note of each important date or hour for everything you do. Do not worry of having little time for yourself, as of now. Once you have completed your assignments and study, you will soon have more time to for other responsibilities and tasks you would like to take on. Figure out a way to squeeze into your busy schedule precious few hours or minutes for your family, friends, and your self. Make sure to juggle well all your tasks in a fine equation and do not over-commit yourself. . Amidst your busy life as a college student, it is most rewarding to know that you managed your time well and keep on reorganizing for a more successful time management as you achieve your goals, one by one.


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