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Teaching your Disabled Students about Time Management

Time management is setting your priorities, which include all your activities, task and rituals that you do everyday of your life. It helps people spend the day in organized ease Things are done on proper timing and proper ways. It is the proper techniques for planning all your daily activities and work. It maximizes the time available by making use of it in all the possible ways. Time management is a strategy used to maximize the time in every daily routine.

If you use it properly, you will be having much time to spend and much time to rest. You will be avoiding stress as you planned for your daily activities. People who are using this particular technique usually write down all the activities they need to do. You can also make use of it. You can make your own checklist of your activities for the day. Put a check on all the activities you performed for the day. You will notice all the things you have not yet accomplished. In this way, you will recognize all the things you can do and the things you cannot do for a day. However, planning time and writing all the things you can do also consumes time, you only have to do the basic so you need not need to write down all your activities daily. Time management is also used for setting goals.

You have to put a deadline to achieve all your set activities. By this, you will be focusing your self to the work you are doing other than focusing yourself to other activities. Time management can be an easy task to individuals living with a normal life. It is easier to prioritize thing if you have normal thinking and normal skills. However, have you ever wondered how disabled people manage their time? It may be difficult for disabled people specially students to cope up with the norms of the world. They have difficulties in attaining their goals because of their disabilities. However, you can be a great help to them by giving your extra time to manage the activities they fail to accomplish.

You have to expect that disabled students are poor when it comes to the learning and skillful activities. Specific learning disabilities are due to the condition of lacking a portion in the brain necessary for the deficient function to perform. This particular problem can cause serious developmental deficiency, which may result to disabilities such as blindness and certain deficiency. This is where learning disabilities take the place. A student is not able to learn and cope with the pressure that the normal people can easily deal with. Through out their life, this underlying frustration is one of the major problems they experience. Disabled students take time to finish a task since they do not have all the abilities to finish it.

This condition affects the self-esteem, vocation, socialization, education and activities of daily living. You can be a great help to them by introducing time management to disabled students. You can also do the following to help them attain success in their learning skills. Provide the disabled student with activities that they should accomplish in a day. Do not give them the same task that normal individuals have, they may find it difficult to finish. Specify all the expectations before they begin with their activities. You should keep them aware of all the things they need to do.

Speak directly to the disabled students and avoid words that are hard to understand. You can also give home assignments to practice their knowledge and skills even at home. Provide them with the things they need to learn more. Books and other reading materials can be given to facilitate faster learning skills. Keep a realistic goal; never try to make them do the things that you know they cannot accomplish, but always give room for improvement of tasks. Never expect too much from them, learn to appreciate the things they have accomplished. You will need to do these things to be able to teach disabled students on how they can handle their time well. You only need to be patient, as it requires long period for you to accomplish the success of your guidance.


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