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Success Percentage of Students with Good Time Management Skills

The most valuable result of education is the ability to make yourself do things that you have to do and needs to be done, whether you like it or not. That is the quote from Thomas Huxley, a biologist and Darwins bulldog for being an advocate of Charles Darwins theory of evolution by natural selection. Who will ever think that someone like Huxley will have a quote about student time management? It is quite true. Success in your studies will also depend on the things you have accomplished.

To be successful, you must have self-motivation to complete the tasks that need to be accomplished. Many students are always fond of saying that they will try to do a particular task (homework, for instance). Unfortunately, you will find later on that the word try really means forgetting to do that particular task and never having that enthusiasm to work on it. Furthermore, when you ask him of his progress, he will just keep saying all the possible excuses in this world just to cover his failure of doing that particular task. He might say that there are other times to do it.

If you are one of those students with that kind of attitude all year round, what can you attain later on? What favorable result can you get? That is why there is time management for everybody, especially for students like you. Employing effective time management strategies can help you to fix those attitude problems towards time and be successful throughout your student career. In other words, it leads to overall success. It is just simple as that. Have you ever wondered if time management is successful? Maybe you are looking for some figures to prove that claim. Fortunately, there are organizations, which include time management planners who spend their time conducting studies on the effects of time management to students. They try to get the percentage of students whose success is attributed on effective time management. Here are some of the figures to prove that the success of time management is evident to students.

Rural students in Idaho and Colorado achieve success Often, you will associate success on being able to study in large schools or universities found in key urban areas across United States. Almost all successful professionals or graduates so far are product of these schools in urban areas. Time management do not choose students whether they are from urban or rural areas.

Take for instance the states of Colorado and Idaho, which are large rural areas with small school districts. In one rural school district located in southeastern Idaho, 45 percent of the rural students have garnered honors while 10 percent of it received community recognition. Studies show school district administrators have included in the curriculum time management subjects. The students develop their time management skills to cope up with different activities both on and off the school campus. A student from Idaho Digital Learning Academy took up an online course in English literature and Composition. Although working as a clerk in a law office at the same time, she managed to earn a grade of 93 in that course. Asked what her secret on success is, she says that time management skills help her to get through with her studies. She confessed that it is hard to work as a student and at the same time a part-time worker. However, she did not let that to be an obstacle in her goal.

Transformation: From Freshman to Successful Student Change in education level is quite difficult. From your elementary years, you will now be facing your freshman status in high school. In addition, the same will apply when you go to college. Placement or entrance tests are usually conducted to screen incoming freshman students (whether high school or college). Students with deficient study habits and poor time management skills are having difficulty in passing entrance exams. That is one of the reasons why there are many students failing the exam, or although passing it, but they are just on the average rating (between 83-85 percent).

Students who tend to develop good time management skills are keeping up with his studies even though some of high school or college freshman subjects are not familiar with them. Statistics shows that 54 to 62 percent are performing well in mathematics and science subjects. Another fact, 56 to 73 percent of total freshman population are engaging themselves to different non-academic activities despite of tremendous pressure during their first year. The above-mentioned percentages of success is a proof that time management is indeed a vital factor in being successful in studies.


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