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Tips for an Effective Time Management Skill for a College Student

Have you ever wondered why you are cramming every time your final examination is nearing? Your choir group is having a practice on Friday afternoon and at the same time, you and your classmates will have a group study at the same day. What will you prioritize?

Difficult, but it is the reality among college students today. Time management is a vital factor in fulfilling a successful college career. It is a well-known fact that college life is full of surprisestons of homework and projects, almost endless examinations, and other things with regard to studying. If do not use effective time management skills, you will have quite a hard time organizing different appointments and commitments. Unlike in your high school classes before that you are dealing with the same subject matter every day, most college classes do not meet on a daily basis.

There will be times that your next class is due for another 2 to 3 hours, so you still have time to play a game of Frisbee. If you have habits like that, always watch out for the time, or else your college life will end up sooner than you have expected. Here are the following tips to help you maximize the use of your time dealing with different activities and at the same time minimize your stress level.

Tip No.1: Use a time chart. In time management, time chart is always recommended. It helps to find the best time for different types of activities you will engage in. College students have a unique time management challenge in particular portions of their schedule that are fixed and with lots of free time in between. It will help you to add some additional structure to your schedule based on the times that you think is best suited for different activities.

For instance, you can set studying some mathematical and design problems during your free time in between two light subjects. Not only you have managed your activities, you are also keeping your mind away from possible stress that you may acquire. It also adds more balance to your schedule. Some students focus too much on studying and forgetting other types of activities like sports, recreation, and social events.

Tip No.2: Prioritize Prioritizing is one of the most common time management problems. Deciding what activities must be done first or second is difficult, especially when all of these activities are all you priorities. It is essential for college students to select and prioritize the activities they want to spend their time with. In case that you cannot figure out which must be prioritized, here are the guides that you can refer to. Knowing your priorities will help you fix your schedule much better. Reward: Ask yourself what things give you the greatest joy. As you sort through your personal priorities, look on the aspect of personal fulfillment. You will find that there is satisfaction in doing what you are gifted. In other words, do the things that you think will give you something good in the end. Requirement: When you feel plagued by obligations, all you have to do is to stop first and try to sort out your "must dos" from your "choose to dos. It is a well-known fact that you have obligations.

Certainly, you are not asked to perform all the obligations in this world. Ask yourself what are the things that you are required to do. Results: When sorting your priorities, ask yourself if what things that gives you favorable results in return. Spend most of your time working in things of your greatest strength. You will not waste your time and effort in doing something that you know will not give you the favorable result that you want. College is a great time to have experiment with new things. Setting priorities will help you balance these new experiences with focus for the things that really matter to you.

Tip No.3: Be careful with over-commitment and attempting to do too much. Exerting too much effort on a certain activity can lead to excessive stress, pressure, and eventual burnout. Remember that when you take on something, you are declining everything else that you could have done with that time.

Tip no.4: Write things down. The habit of writing things down using an effective time management system will help you remember even the smallest detail of your activity especially during your classes. Avoid memorizing. Our brain is just like a recordable compact disc wherein a new recording will erase everything previously recorded. Enjoy your college life. Use your time management skills and get rid of messy schedules.


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