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What does procrastination have to do with Feng Shui?

Actually, everything! Feng Shui is about the free flow of energy in your environment and in yourself. It’s also about creating environments that support your success and pull you forward.

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What’s the biggest thing that prevents that flow of energy?

Clutter. And what creates clutter? You’ve got it - procrastination! You can procrastinate about anything - things that seem difficult, and things you enjoy, such as writing or taking that time to nurture yourself.

Do you have people to call, letters to answer, things you’ve been putting off? Maybe you think they will be difficult, or take a long time. Maybe you wonder if your voice will make a difference if you don’t like something your politicians are doing. How about your business? Most people have at least one idea they haven’t got around to that if put into action would make a difference to their bottom line.

Procrastination puts you out of integrity with yourself. In Feng Shui the Fame and Reputation area is about integrity. It’s how you are seen in the community - and that comes right back to whether you walk your talk. Do you do what you say you’ll do? Are you being true to yourself and your values?

When you don’t follow through on your ideas and intentions energy blocks are created. It takes energy to avoid taking action, and it takes energy to deal with the consequences.

Clutter is delayed decisions. It’s procrastination. Its stress. It’s the same thing as putting a piece of paper in
that pile on your desk, telling yourself you’ll deal with it later. As the piles grow, your energy becomes clogged.
Next thing you know you’re spending time looking through your piles for information you’ve lost because you didn’t file your papers where they belonged - in files or in your recycling bin.

There’s a fine line between procrastination, and letting the dust settle while you give yourself space to take inspired action. And if you listen to that small voice within you, you’ll know which you are choosing.

Committing to action is a very different energy from procrastination.

Tips for Creating an Environment of Action and Abundance

1. Get real about your procrastination habit. Can you take a step back and even laugh at it?

2. Are you telling yourself you don’t have time for that project? Is it something you really want to do? How much
television do you watch? Is there something you need to remove from your environment to have your life reflect your priorities?

3. Make a commitment to others. Commitments have power. By stating your intention to important people in your life you will be making yourself accountable and creating an environment of support.

4. Become a person who keeps their word. The Fame & Reputation area is directly opposite the Career & Life
Purpose area on the Bagua, which means passion, authenticity, flow, integrity and visibility are all connected. Where is your energy blocked? What are you not following through on with others, or in a promise to

5. Are you waiting for the eleventh hour somewhere in your life? This could be a project due on a certain date, a
commitment made to someone, or a dream you are assuming you have forever to live. Make a start now. Starting is often the hardest part and you will be setting something in motion.

6. Schedule time for planning. Instead of wondering where to start on a project you will know exactly what to do
next. Break it down into small pieces, put them in your schedule, and give each a time limit so it doesn’t expand
out forever.

7. Create a physical environment that reflects who you are. Live with colors, items, clothes you love, and of
course clear the clutter. A clear desk and office space will support your creativity and prosperity.

8. Hang out with successful and positive people who uplift you. You become like the people you are with, so it’s
important to create an environment of people who will support your success.

9. Take a renewal day each week to make space for nourishment and inspiration. This is a day for you, with
no work, emails, or errands. You’re making space for inklings and synchronicity to emerge and for you to hear

10. Work with a Coach who will support you in bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Having a Coach in your corner enables you to be, do and have so much more.

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